I’m an experienced marketer, content strategist, and copywriter who loves helping mission-driven B2B and B2C businesses connect with their ideal customers.

I produce marketing collateral and content — both long- and short-form — that's compelling, purposeful, and perfectly on-brand.





Business success is the natural outcome of knowing what makes your product or service different and knowing how to communicate that to your ideal customers. When you dial in on your unique value proposition and learn to speak in the language of your target market, growth follows.


Content should be the foundation of your business' marketing strategy. From improving your SEO to providing genuine value to your ideal customers, a well thought out content strategy ensures you're getting the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.


Investing in your copy means investing in how your brand makes your customers feel about you. When your brand's voice is polished and consistent across all of your marketing channels, you'll attract customers that trust you, relate to you, and feel confident purchasing from you.


A spelling mistake, misplaced comma, or run-on sentence has the potential to turn off even your most enthusiastic customer. That's where an editor comes in: I'll ensure your writing is professional, grammatically correct, and — most importantly — getting your point across.


So what if you're not a great writer, or a talented graphic designer? That doesn't mean you aren't qualified for — and deserving of! — the job you want. I can help you communicate your unique strengths, experience, and value to prospective employers. While I can't guarantee you'll get the interview, I can guarantee you'll walk away with a resume and cover letter that are polished, professional, and impressive to even the most critical hiring manager.

I have known Teresa for about 5 years and worked with her in many ways - in an agency setting, as part of a purely remote digital team, as well as 1:1. Teresa is a sharp writer and marketer, and she is versatile - she can tackle a variety of deliverables ranging from websites, email, marketing and social media collateral, educational content, etc. I have found her to be reliable, responsible, accountable and trustworthy. She is highly organized, attentive to detail, and takes her time to understand the project ask and requirements ahead of time, which allows her to deliver successfully on pretty much any brief. She is a strategic thinker, a diligent researcher, and a marketer who takes the time to understand the target audience, the context, the communication medium, to ensure the message is clear and effective. Teresa would be an indispensable asset to any organization or team!




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